Operational Excellence is a strategic Leventon Pillar

The Operational Excellence culture empowers employees to improve our business, increase quality and productivity creating a work experience that is reflected in our products and customer loyalty. 

Excellence in process

Customer Focus

The standardization and application of Quality Standards across the different processes’ organization allows us to continuously implement best practices, constant monitoring and identify ways to improve the businesses creating and delivering value to our customers. 

Excellence in products

Total Quality Management

Product excellence is integrated into the Leventon business model at all levels of the product lifecycle. A Total Quality Management of the effective data, batch monitoring and customer insights is the source to identify opportunities for continuous improvement and building the product quality.

Leadership Excellence

High Performance Employees

Leventon employees are a passionate team that takes the quality of our products and process as a priority in the workplace environment.  The Operational Excellence Culture of the company and the skills and talent of our colleagues in provide continuous improvement and innovation have a positive impact in driving results and customer satisfaction. 

Leventon empowers the employees to be part of the business improvement and work experience involving them in driving talent development activities.

Technology Excellence

Towards Industry 4.0

Leventon is advancing in the inclusion of tools of the industry 4.0 mainly associate with the process digitalization. 
Process, products, and facilities are susceptible to be transformed and improved through the use of technology to increase flexibility and process customization according to our customer requirements.