Leventon is a Werfen company


Leventon, integral part of Werfen

In 1979 the infustion therapy manufacturing began in Barcelona, Spain with the foundation of Leventon.

At that time, a new project of design and manufacturing of a Flow Regulator for IV infusion therapy is assigned from Werfen to Leventon. Thus, in 1982 the DOSI-FLOW 1 and afterwards, in 1987, the DOSI-FLOW 10 were created, turning to be the main products of the company. Since then, Leventon thanks to the R+D activities and market feedback, has developed a catalogue of disposable medical devices focused on infusion therapy as core business. Further to the flow regulator DOSI-FLOW, Leventon expanded the portfolio with the elastomeric infusion pump DOSI-FUSER, MULTIFLOW flow module for pumps and high-volume pump .

Besides the core activity, Leventon is also offering a complete programme of Respiratory Exercisers, with TRI-BALL for general purpose and SPIRO-BALL as Incentive Exerciser.

Werfen at a glance

Werfen is a growing, family-owned, innovative company founded in 1966 in Barcelona, Spain.

We are a worldwide leader in specialized diagnostics in the areas of Hemostasis, Acute Care Diagnostics, Transfusion, Autoimmunity, and Transplant. Through our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) business line, we research, develop, and manufacture customized assays and biomaterials.

We operate directly in 30 countries, and in more than 100 territories through distributors. Our Headquarters and Technology Centers are located in the US and Europe. Worldwide sales exceed €1.84 billion in 2022, and our workforce is more than 7,000 strong.

Our Values

Our Values have been guiding us for 55 years and continue to do so. They are the essence of our business that shape who we are, how we work together, and define the behaviors that drive our success.

Honesty, humillity, and respect for people

We always live up to our words. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We are direct and straightforward, and we deliver according to the expectations we have generated, allowing us to build trust and credibility among our customers and stakeholders.


Teamwork meets innovation

We are dedicated to solid leadership and collaborative teamwork that allows us to carry out the strategy and the mission of our company in a purposeful way. We continue to invest in innovation, as it is the catalyst for the growth and success of our business and the key to our competitive advantage.


Quality & excellence, with a customer focus

We are thoroughly committed to accomplishing our mission and strategic long-term goals. We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations and going the extra mile that sets us apart from others.


2023 Digital Annual Review

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Our Code of Ethics

The Werfen Code of Ethics demonstrates our commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards. It guides our daily business behavior and shows the values we share throughout the organization.


We believe in the importance of sustainability for our people, our planet and our profitability.

We are a signatory of the UN Global Compact, and we commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Proactively managing our internal operations and supply chain;
  • Launching Corporate Social Responsibility programs;
  • Diversity and Inclusion practices;
  • Through the products, solutions, systems and services we offer our customers.

Our approach to sustainability