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DOSI-FUSER® is an outpatient single-use continuous infusion pump. It consists of an elastomeric balloon placed inside a rigid and transparent reservoir, and an infusion line provided with a capillary device and a Luer-Lock connector that connects to the Patient.

Mainly indicated for the administration of chemotherapy, analgesia, and antibiotic therapy.

Suitable for different administration routes: intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural, and subcutaneous.


  • Exclusive capillary element designed by Leventon
    Larger channel to avoid obstructions caused by drug crystallization. Longer channel: improves the stability of the outlet flow. Flat design: optimal thermal stability on the skin. Calibrated at 32 ºC. Located 10 cm from the end.
  • Guided polyisoprene balloon
    The best mechanical performance. Proven drug compatibility. Low fill pressure. Scale indicator: allows you to control the evolution of the infusion. Guided shaft for progressive infusion.
  • Hard Shell
    Protects the balloon from external pressure. In the event of an incident, it guarantees that the drug remains inside.
  • Independent entry and exit points
    Introduce the drug directly into the balloon.
  • UV protection
    Protects light sensitive drugs from UV radiation up to 390nm.
  • Full range
    Long-term continuous infusion. Short-term continuous infusion Multi-flow infusion. High volume infusion Range available in volumes of 65, 100, 150, 250, 400, 500 and 600 ml.

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Specific sections

Including contents for each type of user: Pharmacists, Nurses and Patients.

Infusion Time Calculator

Great tool that easily shows the DOSI-FUSER® models that match the Pharmacists request and suggests the filling volume.

Training Tools

Multimedia material showing how to use DOSI-FUSER®.


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