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Daily handling of cytostatic drugs creates high health risks, particularly due to contact with the drugs and inhalation of aerosols.
The procedure for preparing the ONCO-FLOW® through the secondary line is done in a biological safety cabinet (laminar flow cabinet) to prevent contamination.
ONCO-FLOW® is the product of choice for preventing contamination.


  • Special “three-body” design
    It consists of three pieces that guarantee that the inlet and outlet tubes are aligned regardless of the position of the dial, ensuring maximum infusion precision.
  • Safety connections
    The flat, smooth surface of the needle-free connector inlets provides a drastic reduction in infections at the venous access site. There are no ridges or intricate gaps that could harbour bacteria. The blue valve always returns to its original position.
  • Convenient preparation
    The hydrophobic cap prevents dripping during the flushing process. Prevents contamination from inhalation of aerosols or contact with the drug.
  • Range
    ONCO-FLOW® offers a wide range of trees, central and secondary lines that can make up a complete system with our DOSI-FLOW® IV flow regulator or can be connected to the standard set of an electronic pump.

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